How to generate a map with Paths of Savage Gods

The fact that dungeon masters are gods has already been sufficiently proven in the article about the vision of Paths of Savage Gods. But what does the everyday life of such a sublime game master look like when he draws entire worlds from the primordial soup? Well, let me put it this way: If the […]

5 Tools to get your perfect TTRPG map

Do you recognize the situation? You’re a dungeon master and you’ve spent hours preparing for the session, and then your fellow adventurers decide they’d much rather head downriver to that little fishing village instead of following the main quest and escorting the merchant through the forest. You already have several forest maps from the campaign […]

The PoSG-Vision

The Vision of Paths of Savage Gods The life of a game master (Dungeon Master / DM) is not an easy one. His godlike power goes hand in hand with a lot of work. At the same time, Pen & Paper is supposed to be a game and entertainment! Before the fun begins, the dedicated […]

Procedural vs. Random

What makes the small but subtle difference The dice table – Who doesn’t know it in pen-and-paper games? Whether it is about the motivation of the robber king who wants to get at your throat, or who or what is lurking around the next corner for the adventurers. With an even (Laplace) dice, you can […]